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Military Group Meal Case Study

At GHT we are problem solvers. How do you heat dinner for a group of 16 in the wilderness without striking a match? There's the old way, and there's the GHT way:

Old Way:
The US army's UGR-ETM group ration supplies four courses in a shelf stable box for 16 people. Take it apart, remove the "tea bags" of metal powder from their air-tight envelopes, install the sacks of electrolyte solution for each of the four containers, re-assemble, put it all back in the box, and then pull the rip cord to start heating everything at once. Provided it's not so cold the electrolyte has frozen, you can expect a massive plume of steam to confirm the process has started. Be careful not to smoke or strike a spark within an enclosed space with the assembly activated, because it puts out 11.3 cubic feet of flammable hydrogen gas.

The GHT way:
The GHT flameless catalytic system is supplied as four cartons each, containing one course in its own carton with its own heater assembly. When ready, just remove the cartons desired, pull the pin and turn the valve. Hot in 35 minutes. No black powder on your hand, no steam, no hydrogen, no gloppy metal oxides to dispose of, and 95% of the non-biodegradables removed. Will self-start down to -20°C and below. Byproducts include carbon dioxide; and never carbon monoxide. You can use it indoors. Bye-bye steam plume.

Custom configurations available for up to 50+ food trays. Military, camping, oil rigs, construction sites...

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