The flexibility and scalability of our technology make it possible to incorporate into a wide variety of diverse applications.


Most portable heating devices only retain heat for a short time or require a power source. Flameless catalytic heating technology allows for a safer, more practical and more efficient method of incorporating heat therapy throughout the medical industry. Hospitals and clinics utilize heat in countless ways, whether for sterilization, forms of treatment or drug infusion or absorption. GHT's versatile, portable and safe technology increases permeation in the use of patches or transdermal drug delivery. These patches allow patients to lose weight, control pain, prevent motion sickness, and much more, while reducing side effects. Flameless catalytic heating technology can warm and maintain the temperature of intravenous fluids—a huge benefit in the clinic and hospital, as well as out in the field, especially in emergency situations. Patients attempting smoking cessation benefit from a flameless, safe and non-toxic cigarette. Dermatologists require heat for treating many skin conditions and performing cosmetic procedures. Whether a dentist, physical therapist, surgeon or pediatrician, doctors and clinicians everywhere continue to look for safe, non-toxic, effective and portable heat delivery solutions. We're seeking partners in the drug and medical equipment industry for collaboration on projects that will improve patients' quality of life, advance treatments and assist in the evolution of best practices.