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Experience counts. The GHT team will bring years of technical know-how and experience to your project to ensure success.

Who We Are

Nearly a decade ago, GHT founder and CEO Giampaolo Vacca envisioned a heating source based on renewable energy applicable across a wide range of industries. His vision came to fruition with the commercialization of the license for the flameless catalytic heating patent application. Since then, GHT—formerly known as Vacca, Inc.—has been incorporated into products across varying markets in an array of applications. From recreational gear like heated gloves to industrial needs such as gas and oil pipelines, GHT offers innovative heating solutions. Mr. Vacca first became interested in mobile heating sources as the founder of Smart Shipper LLC—a provider of ultra-insulated shipping containers.

As the founder of GHT, Mr. Vacca's passion for eco-friendliness, safety and versatility regarding the technology is a perfect match for the key objectives of GHT's president, Lawrence Weber Ph.D. Mr. Weber, champions effectiveness and efficiency in product customizations, ensuring clients receive the ultimate in performance and economic results. He focuses on business development, intellectual property management and assurance of contracted deliverables. Prior to joining GHT, Mr. Weber founded TechMark Corporation, a consulting firm dedicated to strategic corporate alliances, venture capital formation, government relations, and problem solving technological difficulties for publicly and privately held client companies. An award-winning scientific researcher, Mr. Weber first commercialized new technologies at Pall Corporation.

Antonio Tiberini has a degree in theoretical physics and a PhD in Nuclear Engineering, both from the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (ETH) in Zurich, Switzerland. He has done extensive work on the project management team for the construction and operation of Leibstadt Nuclear Power Plant and was responsible for nuclear safety and construction and operating permits.

Before starting GHT with his two American partners in 2010, which is also a limited liability company incorporated under the laws of Switzerland, Mr Tiberini's impressive resume includes 15-years at EGL AG, a company that produces, transports and trades electrical energy in Europe. He also started his own company "Antonio Tiberini Energy & Trade," in Baar, Switzerland. For his clients—large and medium size companies in different European countries and in the USA—he was involved in projects including: valuation of hydroelectric production plants; due diligence; definition of goals and strategies for electrical companies in the new open market; start up of affiliated companies in foreign countries for trading, origination and marketing activities; transmission of electrical energy on the high voltage grid.

In February 2009 Antonio Tiberini started Newheat GmbH. In December 2010, he and his two American partners started GHT Global Heating Technologies AG, a Swiss corporation that develops and licenses flameless catalytic heating devices mainly for consumer goods applications.

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