The flexibility and scalability of our technology make it possible to incorporate into a wide variety of diverse applications.

Sportswear & Outdoors

Since the dawn of humankind we've had to battle with Mother Nature in the great outdoors. But with flameless catalytic heating technology the war has gotten easier. Heated suits, jackets, hats and gloves keep us warm despite sub-zero temps, whether summiting Everest or hiking a local trail. A sleeping bag or tent that warms draws homebodies outdoors and allows intrepid travelers to take their adventures to new heights. GHT enhances survival gear like emergency blankets, shelters, pocket heaters and more. GHT can even change the way we cook at camp, providing alternative portable stoves and water-heating devices. Hey, forget cooking altogether if necessary—Transporting cooked food heated with a flameless lightweight, mobile catalytic converter might be just the ticket. With our technology and your ideas, Mother Nature doesn't stand a chance at hampering the fun.

In depth: Portable, light, clean, and safe heating for customizable garments enhances recreational and survival gear
  • Silent, lightweight, no moving parts
  • Self starting; preheating not required
  • Safe and clean; produces only heat, water vapor, and carbon dioxide
  • Scalable up or down; consumes 4.3 cc of fuel per 20W per hour—that's just about 3.5 fluid ounces in a 24-hour day
  • Non-leaking fuel cartridges contain methanol or methanol/water mixtures
  • Hydrogen or dimethyl ether-fueled designs are available
  • Patented worldwide
  • Licensing, co-product or OEM opportunities available