The flexibility and scalability of our technology make it possible to incorporate into a wide variety of diverse applications.

Food Services

Hot food on the go. Hot food on the trail. Hot food at home, or at the buffet table.

Flameless catalytic technology can assist food delivery programs such as "Meals on Wheels" and aid the restaurant industry with efficient and more effective ways of maintaining food temperature on the move or in a fixed location.

No more cold pizzas! Rather than using just an insulated wrap, pizza delivery businesses can employ GHT's system en route to provide steaming pies every time. The same goes for a larger variety of take-out menus—delivery or pick up.

Portable serving carts such as hotdog stands and food service stands can also benefit from our flameless catalytic heating products. GHT eliminates the need for power or steam to keep food warm and increases a truck or cart's mobility.

Salad bars and buffets at restaurants and events can use GHT's technology in place of steam, relieving the need of water supply to keep cuisine hot, saving resources and increasing energy efficiency for a business.

What do you serve, and how do you serve it? Let's work together to keep it warm for your customers, simplify your operation, and make your company more eco friendly while we're at it.