The flexibility and scalability of our technology make it possible to incorporate into a wide variety of diverse applications.

Take Our Technology Home

The obvious applications for GHT in the places we eat, sleep and gather include the basics like our heating units and our water temperature, but prospects extend well beyond. Catalytic heating can prevent our plumbing and drains from freezing while on vacation. Keeping Fido's odors at bay is as simple as a flameless catalytic converter air freshener. And he might like a heated doghouse or a water bowl that doesn't ice over in winter. Heated walkways stairs and rails thwart snow and ice from forming. Less shoveling means more time for play. Heated towel bars and tiles in the bathroom create luxury, while heated windows reduce dreaded energy costs. Changing the way we heat pools and spas, can make them more practical, as well. A safe, cozy, energy-efficient, environmentally friendly home...sounds like a goal we're all trying to attain. Let's reach it together.

In depth: There is a solution for high energy costs and toxic emissions. GHT's engineers and scientists are designing and testing a very efficient, safe and environmentally friendly system for the home energy sector. Some of the system benefits include:
  • No carbon monoxide; only heat, water vapor, and carbon dioxide are produced
  • No moving parts
  • Minimal space requirements
  • Eco-conscious operation
  • Silent and flameless core catalytic heat producing process
  • Cost effective; we estimate under $0.06 per KW hour (per 3413 Btu) to the end-user for heating

    Integrated Home Heating/Cooling/Power System
    Estimated fuel cost to end user: $7 per day in cold weather (80,000 Btu sizing):
  • Methanol fuel tank: 100- to 500-gallon non-pressurized buried plastic or metal fuel tank
  • Flameless membrane catalytic heater: 100 Watts to 23 kW (80,000 Btu/hr) thermal energy output
  • Fuel cell: 100 Watts to 2 kilowatts
  • Flameless catalytic combustion and auto-thermostatic regulation
  • Hot-running direct methanol fuel cell (60°C to 200°C) coupled with the Membrane Catalytic Heater for efficient operation
  • Low-pressure water circulation loop through floor or forced air and hot water tank of home
  • Water supply for hot water tank from well or other source
  • Power from fuel cell may be used to run the water pump, circulation pump and electrical appliances

    Additional options:
  • The hot water circulation could have a loop connected to a solar water-heating array
  • The DC electrical output can be coupled into a battery bank for surge power capacity
  • The DC electrical output could be inverted to 120 AC to run AC appliances or fed back into the grid
  • Solar cells or windmills could optionally be coupled into the DC inverter
  • An absorption refrigerator or freezer could use the heat from the Membrane Catalytic Heater to drive it
  • High-tech vacuum core insulation could be used around the heater, refrigerator, fuel cells and the hot water tank

    "Alternative Energy Product Line for Home Heating" View/Download PDF, 74 KB