The flexibility and scalability of our technology make it possible to incorporate into a wide variety of diverse applications.


In the automotive industry, GHT's flameless catalytic converter technology has many applications—all of which are eco friendly and have the potential to prolong the life of a vehicle. In cold climates, a catalytic converter can keep engine blocks warm and prevent them from cracking, changing the way we rely on anti-freeze. Plus, the technology can warm up a car that's been sitting in frigid temperatures, eliminating the need for running the vehicle idle for several minutes to ready it for the road, which can be harmful to the environment. After a frost or snowstorm, GHT's technology applied to windows and windshields can eliminate the time-consuming need for scraping and brushing. And using catalytic converter technology to heat the interior of vehicles could prolong battery life. Rather than using costly additives, a warmer gas tank in cold weather may help prevent condensation. However, auto-industry applications have more than just practical treatments. Drivers will relish the luxury of heated steering wheels and more. We're ready to help you reshape the auto industry with innovative technology and products for your brand.