Innovative Energy Solutions

GHT's flameless catalytic heating technology is a game changer with a very important focus: It provides heat and carries out this specific function with immense versatility. Farmers, soldiers, athletes, homeowners, pet owners, restaurateurs and recreational enthusiasts use our alcohol-based flameless catalytic heating.

In addition to ease of maintenance, portability, safety and low cost, GHT is a clean source of energy, too. Carbon dioxide and water vapor are the only byproducts. The ability to self-start without requiring pre-heating of the catalyst or a spark to drive the reaction sets GHT apart from other portable heating options.

The safety and portability of GHT allows for an endless possibility of applications. Do you sell motorcycle-riding gear? Imagine providing your adventurous customers with a heated jacket for cruising to Alaska. Are you a greenhouse supplier? Need we say more? We want your ideas. Together, we can create some incredible must-have self-heating solutions and change the future scope of a variety of industries.

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