The flexibility and scalability of our technology make it possible to incorporate into a wide variety of diverse applications.

Flameless Technology

GHT's Flameless heating technology increases product practicality, safety and portability. GHT's self-starting catalytic heater stands apart from other portable heating systems because it does not require preheating or a spark to initiate the catalyzed reaction. Conventional catalytic heaters tend to operate at temperatures far above the boiling point of their fuel and require an infrastructure for high-pressure fuel storage and transportation. GHT's patented techniques use alcohol fuels such as methanol, which allows for start/stop operation even at sub-zero temperatures.

Eliminating both the requirements of preheating the catalyst and the need for a spark to drive the reaction makes GHT's flameless catalytic products extremely portable and very versatile. They are available across a wide range of form factor designs. GHT's system can be incorporated into single-use products or into merchandise that can be refueled.

In addition to methanol, GHT's catalytic heater systems can be configured for use with a variety of other eco-friendly, renewable fuels—including ethanol and hydrogen. Methanol, CH3OH, is the simplest of alcohols. It can be produced from a variety of sources, including biomass and even municipal refuse. The only byproducts of GHT's catalytic heat are carbon dioxide and water, yielding a source of energy that is free from intermediate combustion compounds such as carbon monoxide. Bio-fuels are also generally free of sulfur and heavy metals, as well.

Hydrogen can be removed from water using electricity from a renewable source such as windmills. Hydrogen's only combustion byproduct is water. As petroleum energy sources become depleted and leave behind significant environmental downsides, GHT is confident that the population will move towards the use of methanol, ethanol and hydrogen. GHT's mission is to develop solutions that put these alternative fuels to good use.

In addition to protecting the environment, GHT's goal is to provide reliable, efficient and effective technology that is also extremely safe for the user. GHT's flameless portable heating systems protect the athletes, homeowners, soldiers and industrial workers who use them by eliminating the need for a potentially hazardous spark. The use of methanol fuel as opposed to petroleum fuels, allows GHT to create merchandise that is nontoxic. The only byproducts of the flameless catalytic process are carbon dioxide and water, which are harmless to humans and innocuous to the planet.

By addressing the complications associated with conventional catalytic converters—such as weight, efficiency, safe storage, transportation and operational complexities—GHT has developed an easy-to-use portable heating system that incorporates push-button technology.

Using methanol fuel also allows for increased versatility. With GHT's effective and proven technology, the development of additional uses and products is ongoing. GHT invites prospective licensees, overseas manufacturing partners and DOD contract managers to partner with us and take advantage of GHT's easy product actualization. We're already creating amazing gear, incorporating the technology into greener buildings and pioneering major advancements in athletics, rescue and the recreational, medical, residential and agricultural industries. Join us to unleash the possibilities in your market.